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Record Zoom Meetings as a Participant on PC and Mac

Zoom is a great tool for video conferencing, group chats and business collaboration. By default, only the host can initiate recording in Zoom. If another participant would like to record, the host will need to provide permission to that participant during the meeting. 

Now with Callnote video recorder you can capture Zoom meeting you’re attending even without the host’s permission or acknowledgment. Callnote records both audio (in mp3 format), video (in mp4 format) streams, as well as instant messages in a conference, to retain a record for future purposes. Callnote records your screen as you see it during the meeting.

How to Record a Zoom Meeting?

Before the Zoom meeting in Callnote’s Recording Options Tab -> Zoom you need to select #Record video along with audio and #Always start recording.. to record Zoom conferences automatically.

Callnote Pro users also have an option to record video in HD (the option is selected in the Settings Tab).

zoom recorder

And you’re good to go, no other set up needed. Launch Zoom, join in a conference and interact as you normally do.

While you’re on a meeting and want to start the recording, just click the “Record” button. A pause and stop buttons will then be shown when the recording starts.

Once you stop the recording, the captured Zoom meeting will be saved in your Callnote Library Tab and locally on your computer.

  • If you want to export or save it on cloud storage you also have the options to do it. Go to Sharing Options Tab to set up the forwarding.
  • If you need to edit the recording, go to Library Tab and select either audio or video editing option. This blog post guides you through Library options. 
  • If you need a text transcription of the recorded Zoom meeting go to Library Tab and select “Transcribe”.

Try Zoom meetings recording with Callnote!