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How to Use Transcription Speech-to-Text Service in Your Work

Do you conduct online meetings or interviews? Manage social media or tutoring online? If so, you might consider a few easy wins that take only a little effort when backed by automatic transcription.

  • Automated transcription service completely eliminates the need to backtrack and replay audio/video. The transcribed texts will outline exactly who is saying what.
  • Transcripts can really speed up a video editor’s workflow, as with a written document, editors can mark sections where revision must be completed all at once and then return to editing.
  • Transcriptions make your content accessible to everyone. If people on the team need assistance getting through the digital recordings, transcriptions will come in handy. Transcripts can be used to create training opportunities, review follow-up notes, or to come up with a list of action items that need to be communicated to a larger group.
  • Transcriptions transform content into something searchable. The best way to improve searchability is to have the entire text available.

If you’ve never given Callnote automated transcription speech-to-text service a try, there’s more good news: you get 30 minutes of free transcription one-time. Additional files/minutes are just $0.04 or $0.06 per minute (depending on the service provider). Here’s how you can automatically transcribe your next audio file in just a few minutes. We’ll walk you through the very simple three-step process.

  1. Select a file you need to transcribe.
    Go to your Callnote Library and select a recorded audio or video file. Please make sure that your file has minimal background noise, no heavy accents, and ideally no more than one or two speakers. You may find it handy to do a little editing in your recording beforehand. 
  2. Click Transcribe.
    From here, using our transcription service is super easy. Select either IBM Watson or Google Speech service provider, select the language you conversation was made in, then click confirm in the dialog box. When the transcription is ready the Transcribe button will be changed to “Edit Transcription”.

automated transcription

You can typically expect your transcript to arrive within a few minutes, but the process can take longer depending on your file length.

3. Edit, save or share your transcript.

Within the Callnote editor, by clicking “Edit Transcription”, you can modify the transcribed text. After that, save the text, copy the draft and paste it to doc file or add this text as comments to your call recording to share with another person.

Speech to text

So, there you have it. Questions? We’re here to help. Please feel free to reach out to our team at