With just a few clicks,

create engaging video lessons for your students.

Narrate as you go.

Edit video

Edit recordings with professional-quality editing tools. Draw your student’s eye to the most important aspects of your video by adding illustrative images. Polish your lesson by adding pre-recorded audio track or music.

Share video

Share videos securely with just one student or your entire class. Upload to Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive or right on your YouTube or Facebook page. Students can re-watch lessons to master concepts. You can even make how-to videos for fellow educators, flip your classroom, and more.


Whether you work in education, media, law, or any sector that requires transcription we are focused on improving your workflow. Automatically transcribe your recordings to keep track of important moments and turn the audio or video material into a blog post, a presentation or even an infographic.


Webinars have become an effective way of sharing information, a great way to learn something new or to ask experts for advice in real-time. Callnote video call recorder lets you record any GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and WebEx webinar at its best – when it is actually happening. Refresh your memory or help your friends become more productive and learn something new by sending them your webinar recording.

Online Video Conferencing

Whether you want to record a GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams or Zoom webinar for your own reference later, or to share the content with others, Callnote video call recorder is your reliable choice. Turn plain video communication recordings into clear, concise education materials.