As Callnote listens to your conversation, it continuously learns, returns and refines the entire text. Now, with Callnote you can unleash the power of AI speech recognition for your video calls to help you deliver content to new markets.

Speech recognition, powered by artificial intelligence, uses grammar and language structure to better understand natural speech and return the most accurate transcripts possible. Callnote continuously learns and retroactively updates the audio transcription as more speech is heard.

Who can benefit from Callnote’s automated transcription software:

  • Writers, journalists and bloggers
  • Educators and students
  • Legal practices
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Media

Audio and video is becoming an essential online communication tool. One problem though is that video content isn’t searchable. But creating transcriptions of your content with Callnote can be an SEO gold-mine. Most search engines will only pick up your podcast’s title, description, and tags, but Callnote with its automated speech recognition and transcription software gives searchers access to all of the information in your video.

Having a transcript gives you more than one way to disseminate your material. Maybe you want to turn your Google Hangouts podcast into a blog post, or a SlideShare, or even an infographic. You can also add hyperlinks to your audio transcription and post it on your blog or site.

How does it work?

  1. Select the transcription service you want to use in the Settings Tab (either IBM Watson or Google Speech)
  2. Select a recorded audio or video file in Library
  3. Choose Edit
  4. Select the recording language
  5. Click Transcribe

and Callnote will complete your transcript in less time than the length of the original recording.
The final transcript captures speech from all participants. By comparing the speaker labels with the timestamps; however, you can reassemble the conversation as it actually occurred.


Please note:

  • You should have Premium or Pro version to get access to this feature. Only Callnote recorded audio and video files can be converted to text.
  • Free Service Trial:
    Each user will get 30 minutes of free transcription one-time.

    Access to all features.
  • Payment:
    $0.04/minute for each minute above 30 with IBM Watson.

    $0.06/minute for each minute above 30 with Google Speech.

    No minimum.

    No additional charges.

    Refunds will not be provided for any subscription.
  • Turnaround:
    Transcripts back in minutes.

    Shorter files delivered faster.

    Accuracy of transcription depends on the quality of your audio.
    We speak imperfectly: we swallow words, stumble and interrupt; many of us speak with heavy accents. Bad audio quality such as distant microphones, background noise, music, and room echo can make it hard to decipher the content. Some proper names and technical terms won’t be recognized.

Compare IBM Watson and Google Speech transcription features:

IBM Watson: Google Speech:
Number of speakers 2 channels 2 channels
Length of audio Files less than 100Mb.
For bigger files the solution is to manually divide the file into smaller pieces
Files less than 100Mb.
For bigger files the solution is to manually divide the file into smaller pieces
Supported languages Brazilian Portuguese, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Modern Standard Arabic, Spanish, UK English, and US English US English (United States), GB English (United Kingdom), RU Russian (Russia), JP Japanese (Japan), ES Spanish (Spain), IT Italian (Italy), FR French (France), BR Portuguese (Brazil), DE German (Germany), NL Dutch (Netherlands), CA English (Canada), PT Portuguese (Portugal), IN English (India), KR Korean (South Korea), TW Chinese, Mandarin (Traditional, Taiwan), Hant-HK Chinese, Cantonese (Traditional, Hong Kong), CN Chinese, Mandarin (Simplified, China)
Price 30 minutes free of charge,
then $0.04/minute for each minute
30 minutes free of charge,
then $0.06/minute for each minute

Subtitles (beta)

Automatically generate subtitles for your videos from your transcriptions.

Subtitles are a great way to make content accessible for viewers. They not only help videos rank higher in search results, but also increase accessibility, boost engagement, and improve the overall viewer experience.

Subtitles appear as text on the bottom of your screen and represent the speech in your video file. You can easily edit, save and share them afterward. Try it Free!
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