Record Skype Video Calls with Callnote Now | For Mac and PC

Record Skype audio, video or both
of unlimited length,
one-on-one and group desktop calls

Capture video sessions, podcasts and interviews as you see them in High Definition (HD)

Convert recorded voice to text
with Google Speach or
Watson IBM automated transcription service

Store Skype recordings in the Cloud –
Google Drive; OneDrive; Evernote;

Share your audio, video, snapshot and transcription with one click on Youtube

Email your Skype recordings,
in full or with separate audio or video
for example – to your friends and

1. Capture and record

  • Record Skype video calls in HD quality on PC and Mac desktops
  • Record each side of a Skype call as a separate audio track
  • Record shared-screen video
  • Take Skype window snapshots while recording

2. Edit and refine

  • Trim and cut Skype video clips with precision
  • Easily snip or remove unwanted parts of Skype audio recording
  • Add pre-recorded audio tracks or music to your Skype video calls
  • Build a compelling video narrative with titles, overlays or inserted text
  • Track and sense emotions in recorded videos to get a complete understanding of nonverbal interaction

3. Manage your files

  • Recording files are available right after you press stop button
  • Save with one-click to Evernote, Dropbox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive
  • Tag recordings and add notes to keep your projects organized
  • Share instantly on Youtube or with Gmail

4. Easy for everyone

5. Convert calls into copy

  • Get fast and accurate transcripts of your calls in 18 languages. You'll never go back to the hours of slowly transcribing interviews yourself.
  • Besides, these auto-generated transcripts allow manual editing and the timing information they contain can be used to automatically subtitle and caption your Skype video recordings.

Please note:

Callnote Skype call recorder doesn’t work with Skype for Business version.
You must have Skype for Desktop, Skype for Web, Skype for Windows 10, Skype for Windows 8, Skype for Windows 7 to get Callnote’s benefits.

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High Quality Video Recording
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