Library overview: How to find, edit, transcribe and share recordings

With powerful new features and an intuitive interface, Callnote allows you to create and share remarkable video recordings. Callnote library is a place where you can find and manage each audio or video recording you’ve made. Our latest update improves the library’s interface and options.

Our Library can do it all:

  • Find the recordings
    • Selecting the recording and clicking the directory button forwards you to where all Callnote’s files are saved on your computer. The voice recorder saves audio as mp3 files and the online video recorder saves video as mp4 files. Callnote records both sides of the call as separate audio tracks.
  • Sort the recordings
    • Use the header row to sort the recordings by date and time, participants, and duration.
    • You can easily add your own labels to recordings to better organize them.
  • Review/playback the recordings
    • Select the video recording and press the review button. The recording will be played back to you with the default media player. 
    • You can watch the video at your own pace, taking detailed notes and understanding key information.
  • Delete the recordings
    • Select one or several recordings (use the bulk action mode in the header) and click the Delete button to remove them from the Library.
  • Share the recordings instantly
    • Store one or several recordings in the Cloud – Google Drive; OneDrive; Evernote; Dropbox or upload to Youtube instantly. You need to set up forwarding in the Sharing Options Tab beforehand. 
  • Edit audio and video recordings
    • Add professional touches with easy and functional editing tools. You can trim the file, add an eye-catching intro or highlight key points with text, images and many more.
  • Edit recordings’ info
    • Rename the recording’s title, add or manage participants, and add tags or recorder notes to summarize the conversation. Your tags and comments are invaluable. Store them in Evernote where you can find and file them based on different attributes.
  • Transcribe speech-to-text and add subtitles
    • You can automatically transcribe audio to text in just a few minutes and add subtitles. Callnote can recognize more than 11 languages you communicate.
  • Track and sense emotions in the recordings with a face reader
    • With Callnote’s emotion tracking you can track and quantify emotions to get a complete understanding of nonverbal interaction.