WhatsApp Web Call Recorder

Record WhatsApp web calls and meetings without any time limitation. Best part is, you don’t need to be the host. Today, WhatsApp is one of the most well-recieved collaboration tools, combining great UX and secure connection with the enterprise-level quality. With advanced capturing, editing, exporting and transcription capabilities, no one lets you master the possibilities of WhatsApp like Callnote.
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Capture and Record

Callnote allows you to record WhatsApp web calls as a participant in HD quality on your PC or Mac, with access to a shared-screen video. You can also start recording automatically when the meeting begins or start manually using Record, Pause, and Stop buttons. Additionally, you can take snapshots while recording the WhatsApp meeting.

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Edit and Refine

With Callnote, you can trim and cut WhatsApp Video clips with precision. You have the ability to snip or remove unwanted parts of your recording, add pre-recorded audio tracks, build compelling video narratives and analyze emotions in recorded videos to get a holisitic understanding of nonverbal interaction.

Stay Organized

To make the most of your video call recording app, it’s important to know how to work with the files. Recording files are available right after you press the stop button. Callnote saves the files locally on your computer. Export with one click to GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Evernote. You can keep yourself organized with titles, names tags, and notes.

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Callnote for Everyone

We allow our users to utilize an effortless, clear, and accessible User Experience.

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Get fast and accurate transcripts of your WhatsApp web video calls in 17 languages and your video captioned. You’ll never go back to the hours of slowly transcribing interviews yourself. Besides, these auto-generated transcripsts allow for editing and resourceful timing information.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I capture and record?

Our video recording technology is compatible with multiple different recorders. To learn more about how to use our WhatsApp recorder read our blog post that has all the details

How do I transcribe?

Our transcription services are powered by Google Speech and support a wide variety of languages. To learn more about how to use our transcription services read our blog post that has all the details!

How does billing work?

When signing up you begin your 7 day free trial. Once this trial ends we will charge you the annual license fee. This will be a one time annual payment. You can cancel this subscription anytime through the email communication you received. Callnote does not store any credit card information nor any payment details. All sensitive data is stored by the payment service provider and is compliant with PCI DSS security standards

Do you have more questions?

Go to our help center and look through our various FAQ’s and Blog posts to learn more!