Callnote for Personal

Are you an entrepreneur, blogger, journalist, podcaster, headhunter, student, or anyone utilizing the vast network of online video recorders? Leverage audio and video recordings with Callnote for your personal business needs or studies.

When you’re recording with Callnote, you can deeply analyze every call. Here’s how:

  • Retain a record for future purposes. If a question ever arises about what was said, you can go back to the record to verify.
  • Manage the recording history on your local PC, Mac, or in a cloud application such as Evernote or Dropbox. Callnote makes it easy to find the right recording, even if it was made a while ago.
  • Transcribe video recording into written transcripts for media, fans, players, and coaches. Analyze the verbiage of calls, understanding the nature of the conversation
  • Dive deeper by going through the emotional analysis of a video recording, understanding the direct impact your words had.
  • Edit your video with our editing tools, molding it to fit your personal needs whether it be for marketing materials or lesson planning.

Use our video recorder for all of your important meetings, interviews, and any other type of call.

Callnote now offers auto-attending of meetings for Zoom. Simply input the invite link to your meeting and let Callnote do the rest. It will attend the meeting for you, record it, and transcribe everything that was said so you never miss a beat! Learn more here.

The capabilities of Callnote are endless. Take full control of our newly virtual world.