With Callnote, you have the ability to edit your recordings with a complete set of editing tools.

  • Insert eye-catching graphics or set the mood with soundtracks to keep your audience engaged
  • Remove portions of the recording to emphasize important details
  • Insert titles & comments anywhere in the video to produce video lessons, presentations, podcasts and more

Sharing Made Easy

Callnote automatically saves all of your recordings on your computer.

Our integrated cloud services allow you to save your recordings to Evernote, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and OneDrive.

Send your recordings to a YouTube channel or in an email with a single click!

Take Snapshots

Easily take photos of the screen during a meeting

All photos will be stored within you Callnote library making access simple and efficient

Utilize snapshots in future meetings, presentations, and more!

Manage Library

Callnote stores your recorded audio, video, chats, call information, speech-to-text transcriptions and participants in an easy to use library

All the recorded files are saved locally on your computer

Edit, share, and store any piece of your recording.

Add tags and notes to organize your files

Transcribe with Callnote

Callnote features Google Speech to easily provide transcriptions of recordings.
Transcribe your recorded meetings and conversations in 18 languages
The first 30 minutes of transcription are free, after which it is 6 cents per minute.
If you plan on using this service a lot, reach out to us and we can figure out a plan that better works for you.

This service is great, but not always perfect due to the nature of how humans speak. Be sure to edit and double check your transcribed text before using it for anything important.

Emotional Analysis

Emotion AI is new technology that measures unfiltered and unbiased emotional and cognitive responses, unobtrusively and at scale. This enables users to understand how participants in calls feel when they can’t or won’t say so themselves. This allows for deeper analysis of calls helping you understand your client, co worker, interviewee, etc on a deeper level.

*This product is currently only available on Windows*