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Record GoToMeeting Sessions as an Attendee with Callnote! Save your Recordings on Google Drive

gotomeeting recording

Attending an important GoToMeeting session and don’t want to miss a thing? Aside from requesting a recording copy from the organizer, from now on you can easily capture everything what was said with Callnote Video Call Recorder!

We’ve added a new powerful capability to Callnote Pro. Now you can easily record GoToMeeting sessions and webinars as an Attendee for future reference. The recording will include the audio portion of your session, show all activity that appears on the screen during the session, as well as any file sharing done by participants.

How to start GoToMeeting session recording:

There’s no initial Callnote set up needed. Launch Callnote and go to Recording Options -> GoToMeeting Tab and select #Always Start Recording and #Record GoToMeeting video, if necessary. For better recording’ audio quality a USB headset is nice to have. For the best video quality please check #Record in HD in Callnote Settings tab. Here is the guide to GoToMeeting Attendees.
And you’re good to go, no other set up needed. Launch GoToMeeting, join in a conference and interact as you normally do. While you’re on a meeting Callnote recording widget would appear immediately. In case you didn’t select an automatical recording, just click the “Record” button. “Pause” and “Stop” buttons will then be shown when the recording starts.

Once you stop the recording, the captured GoToMeeting session will be saved in your Callnote Library Tab and locally on your computer. Callnote saves audio as mp3 files and video as mp4 files.

  • If you want to export or save the recording on cloud storage you also have the options to do it instantly. Prior to please go to Sharing Options Tab to set up.
  • If you need to edit the recording, go to Library Tab and select either audio or video editing option. This blog post guides you thru all available Library options. 
  • If you need a text transcription of the recorded meeting go to Library Tab and select “Transcribe”.

Ready to get started? Try it today!

Download Callnote Pro

When it comes to files sharing, we got one more handy feature you’d love. Callnote + Google Drive integration makes it easy for you to upload your recordings with just one click. By linking your Callnote with Google Drive, you can upload and access your recordings in the cloud and send them from any device, anytime. Increase productivity by connecting GoToMeeting sessions and files and in one place!

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