Callnote attends your Zoom meetings: scheduled meetings recording

Callnote is now proud to offer a pre-scheduled Zoom meeting attending software. Life is busy and you physically can’t make every meeting. Callnote now attends, records, and transcribes your meetings without you having to be there. Avoid mandatory and useless meetings with the power of Callnote.

How it works: 

  1. Head to the Zoom tab once you open Callnote
  2. Check off the auto-recording button
  3. Input your Zoom meeting link
  4. Enter start date and time
  5. Enter end date and time
  6. Make sure to keep Callnote and Zoom open!!
  7. Sit back and relax – let Callnote do the work
  8. After your meeting ends, utilize the transcribe feature and transcribe whatever parts of the call you need. 
Zoom auto meet

What to do before the call: 

Zoom Record

Please make sure of the following: 

  1. In your settings tab: “Always record when call starts” is checked off
  2. Make sure to use Zoom for desktop app version
  3. Within Zoom → automatically connect sound from the computer when joining is set
  4. Ensure the above is done

Callnote is your best way to capture your Zoom calls on Mac and Windows desktops.