How to record Skype meetings on your Windows on Mac desktop

With advanced recording, editing, sharing, and transcription capabilities, no one lets you record Skype calls like Callnote Skype recorder.

Prepare your computer before using the Skype recorder to avoid having to deal with faulty audio. The truth is video calls aren’t always high quality. They are impacted by a lot of different factors. How smoothly your system is running, your internet connection and your microphone and camera quality all affect how well you record calls. Here are some steps to take to mitigate those issues. 

Skype Record

Before using the Skype recorder, there are a few simple steps you should take:

  • Use a pair of headset with microphone, rather than a microphone built in laptop, for laptop microphone and speakers are fixed too close, which usually cause echo and feedback. Consider using an external USB headset with mic.
  • The recording process needs computer processing power, so we would suggest you closing all unused programs to make your PC run faster to record your Skype call. Turn off notifications if you don’t want them to be shown on your recordings.
  • Launch Callnote and adjust the settings in the Recording Options -> Skype tab. Make sure you have enable Skype recording selected. If you’d like to have both audio and video recorded, select the record video option. Make sure to check off the audio device you are using in Callnote settings tab.
  • Start or join the Skype call, and simply hit the Record button on the Callnote widget. This will start capturing audio, video, and pictures from the screen. Callnote records your screen as you see it during the call. Pause or stop recording at any moment by clicking on the appropriate buttons. 

Once the recording is complete, the audio and video files are saved in Callnote Library. Callnote records audio with multi-track recording, splitting the speakers onto separate tracks. If you need to listen to just one side of the conversation, select either author or participants file to playback. Recorded audio is saved as mp3 files, and videos are saved as mp4, which is easy to playback on any video player. 

The Skype video call recorder has built-in audio and video editors. You can remove any portion of the recordings, highlight it with graphics or comment with text boxes, include audio in your videos either music or pre-recorded soundtracks. Manage your library, add tags and post notes to keep your files organized.

Easily export the recording. Upload them to Dropbox, Evernote, YouTube, Google Drive and OneNote with one click. Save and share Skype call recordings with key colleagues and participants via email.

In-built automated transcription service allows transcribing your audio file to text in just a few minutes. Automatic transcription allows you to playback meetings and search for important discussion items in the transcript. Generated texts can be used as captions while posting the recorded video on social media.

With Callnote facereader you can understand complex and nuanced emotions and cognitive states. We analyze facial movement to get a complete understanding of verbal and nonverbal interaction. So, you can see the conversation’s emotional results displayed in graphical format.